Claim OWWA Rebate Program Benefit for OFWs and Seafarers

The Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) has a lot of various programs and services for all Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) and seafarers. One of their benefits is the OWWA Rebate Program which allows OWWA members to get a portion of their membership fee back.

The OWWA Rebate Program was created under Republic Act 10801 or OWWA Act which enables OWWA members that have a minimum of ten (10) active years of membership to receive a rebate based on the number of paid OWWA contributions.

how to claim owwa rebate for ofws


The OWWA Rebate Program applies to all land-based and sea-based Overseas Filipino Workers. To apply for the OWWA Rebate Program, an OFW must meet the qualifications below.

  • An Overseas Filipino Worker must be a member of OWWA for a minimum of ten (10) years.
  • An Overseas Filipino Worker must have at least five (5) membership contributions.
  • An Overseas Filipino Worker or his/her beneficiaries have not received any services, programs, or benefits from OWWA.

If the OFW is already deceased, his/her legal beneficiaries can still apply for the rebate program given that they meet all the qualifications above. If the OFW is still in his/her host country, he/she can apply online and give the legal beneficiaries authorization to claim the OWWA rebate in their chosen OWWA Regional Office (RWO). 


OFWs can receive a rebate ranging from Php 941.25 up to Php 13,177.50 depending on the amount of their contribution. Here’s the list of rebate amounts you can receive based on the number of years of your contributions.

  • 5 years – Php 941.25
  • 6 years – Php 1,129.50
  • 7 years – Php 1,317.75
  • 8 years – Php 1,506.00
  • 9 years – Php 1,694.26
  • 10 years – Php 1,882.50
  • 20 years – Php 3,765.00
  • 30 years – Php 5,647.50
  • 40 years – Php 7,530.00
  • 50 years – Php 9,412.50
  • 60 years – Php 11,295.00
  • 70 years – Php 13,177.50


The requirements for the OWWA Rebate Program for OFWs are very simple. 

  • Membership ID (inquiry purposes)
  • One (1) valid government-issued identification
  • Active bank account

If the OFW is still in his/her host country, his/her legal beneficiaries must have the following requirements:

  • Appointment Code
  • An authorization letter from the OFW
  • One (1) valid government-issued identification both of the OFW and the representative.
  • Proof of relationship (birth certificate or marriage contract)

If the OFW is critically ill and can’t apply on his/her own, he/she can authorize his/her family members. The authorized representative must have the following:

  • Appointment Code
  • Medical Certificate
  • An authorization letter from the OFW
  • One (1) valid government-issued identification both of the OFW and the representative.
  • Proof of relationship (birth certificate or marriage contract)

OWWA Rebate Online Application

To apply for the OWWA Rebate, you need to have is your computer or mobile phone, internet connection, and follow these steps:

  1. Go to the OWWA website at and click the OWWA Rebate Portal to check your eligibility.
  1. Fill out the Rebate Verification Form carefully and truthfully. Then click “Inquire”.
  2. If you are qualified, then you will see the amount you can receive on the screen.
  3. Book an appointment to the nearest OWWA Regional Office (RWO). Use the OWWA Appointment Scheduler on their website. Make sure to provide an active phone number when booking an appointment.
  1. Wait for the text message confirming your appointment schedule and code. Save the message.
  2. Go to your chosen OWWA branch on your scheduled appointment and show the people in-charge in OWWA the appointment code you received and a valid government issued identification card.
  3. Give your bank details where you want the rebate to be deposited.

Video: New OWWA Act provides rebate program for OFWs

If you want to hear more about the OWWA Rebate Program, watch this video of OWWA Administrator Rebecca Calzado by HKPinoyTV explaining the new law called OWWA Act 108001 or OWWA Rebate Program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can I ask if I want to know more about the OWWA Rebate Program?

If you have any inquiries regarding the OWWA Rebate Program, you may directly call the OWWA Rebate Hotline at 1348 or message them in their official Facebook page or you can also visit the OWWA Regional Welfare Office (RWO) near you.

What kind of identification should I bring on my appointment day?

You can bring any government-issued ID with a picture such as passport, SSS, Voter’s, GSIS, PRC, Driver’s License, Senior Citizen’s ID, etc.

If I can’t process my OWWA Rebate application on my own, can one of my family members process it on my behalf?

Yes, but all OFWs’ representatives need to bring an authorization letter from the OFW, ID card of the representative and the OFW.

When will the OWWA Rebate reflect on my bank account?

The OWWA Rebate will be credited on your account the next day after your appointment day.

How much can I get in the OWWA Rebate Program?

The amount of money you can receive depends on the total number of contributions you have. You can receive from Php 941.25 up to Php 13,177.50.

Can I set an appointment in POLO-OWWA for Rebate?

No. You can only set an appointment to any OWWA Regional Welfare Offices (RWO) and provincial Distribution Centers.

After applying in OWWA Rebate, can I still avail other OWWA programs?

Yes, but every program and service has its own guidelines and policies you need to follow. It is advisable for you to check all the programs and services that may apply to you.


The OWWA Rebate Program is another financial support by Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) for those Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) who have been a diligent member for at least ten (10) years. The requirements and the process of getting the OWWA Rebate is very simple and easy to follow. 

The amount of money you can get in the rebate program will be beneficial to your family. But if you think you don’t need it, you may also donate it to Tuloy Aral Project (TAP) of OWWA and help beneficiaries in continuing their education and reaching their dreams.

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