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The Department of Migrant Workers (DMW), formerly the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA), has officially launched the OFW Pass, which will serve as identification and a requirement for OFWs’ Exit Clearance. The OFW Pass is available on the DMW Mobile App, providing a hassle-free and smooth experience. But what exactly is an OFW Pass, and how can OFWs apply for it? Read on as we share our in-depth guide on the OFW Pass by the DMW.

OFWs going back and forth abroad are aware of the difficulties of processing documentary requirements for overseas employment. Vacationing OFWs have to secure an Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC). So they can leave the country again to continue, fulfill, or extend their work abroad. Fortunately, the DMW has launched the OFW Pass, which aims to make it convenient for OFWs to secure their Exit Clearance. With that said, we advise OFWs to learn more about the OFW Pass to enjoy its benefits.

what is the ofw pass in dmw mobile app

What is the OFW Pass?

The OFW Pass is an innovative solution to ensure Filipinos working abroad are legally recruited, documented, and registered under POEA/DMW. This new development aims to improve the experience of OFWs, making it easier to secure their travel pass or exit clearance.

But contrary to the traditional OEC, the OFW Pass is a new and improved exit clearance that OFWs can obtain right at their fingertips. It’s a tamper-proof digital identification and a pre-requisite for OFWs’ exit clearance with active contracts. Thus, OFWs no longer need to travel and queue for hours to secure an exit clearance.

what is OFW Pass by DMW Mobile App


The OEC has been a traditional requirement for OFWs and Filipinos working abroad for the first time. It serves as a travel pass or exit clearance, which the immigration checks before allowing OFWs to depart the country for overseas employment. The traditional OEC will soon be gone with the introduction of the OFW Pass. But how do the OFW Pass and OEC differ? Aside from going digital, here are the differences between the old OEC and the new OFW Pass:


Securing an OEC is time-consuming for OFWs as they should visit the DMW office. Instead of enjoying their vacation, OFWs should process their OEC on-site and queue for hours. But with the OFW Pass, OFWs can conveniently secure their exit clearance by generating a QR code thru the DMW Mobile App. Therefore, OFWs won’t be bothered with their vacation since they can apply for the OFW Pass anytime and anywhere, as long as they have a stable internet connection.


Besides a smoother application process, the new OFW Pass has longer validity than the OEC. If you’ve applied for OEC before, you can only use it once, and it’s only valid for 60 days. That’s why OFWs should get a new OEC every time they vacation in the Philippines. Meanwhile, the validity of the OFW Pass depends on the OFW’s employment contract duration. So as long as the work contract is not expired, the OFW Pass remains valid.


Each time OFWs apply for their OEC at the DMW office in the Philippines, they should pay P100 to secure their travel pass. On the other hand, the new OFW Pass doesn’t cost anything at all. It is available for free to all legally employed OFWs.


Similar to the traditional OEC, the purpose of the new OFW Pass is to certify that the Filipino worker is legally employed abroad and documented under POEA. In addition, the new OFW Pass allows seamless connection with other government apps.

OEC vs OFW Pass

Transition Period

Although this new development is another adjustment for OFWs, especially for those who are not tech-savvy, DMW will ensure a smooth transition period. After the launch of the OFW Pass, OECs will still be honored for up to two months, allowing OFWs to adjust to the new digital system.

OFWs should also look forward to Phase 2 of the OFW Pass, which will involve interconnectivity with other government agencies’ apps, like the e-Gov PH by DICT. This phase will focus on integration, allowing convenient access to government services to OFWs. Moreover, DMW will recruit Filcom volunteers in varying countries, assisting OFWs to obtain the OFW Pass for a seamless transition.

DMW will also dedicate a 24/7 Contact Center to address any queries and concerns on the OFW Pass. If you prefer virtual guidance, DMW will provide YouTube video tutorials regarding the OFW Pass step-by-step application process and usage. Therefore, OFWs who are confused about this new system can seamlessly transition.

How to apply for OFW Pass via DMW Mobile App

The application process for the OFW Pass is easy, which you can perform thru the DMW Mobile App by following the steps below:

  1. Launch the DMW Mobile App and log in to your account. Then, you’ll be redirected to passport verification.
  2. Grant the app access to your phone’s camera and click Continue.
  3. Prepare to scan your passport by placing it within the designated frame on your screen. Then, click Continue.
  4. Next, properly scan and capture your ID by following the grid lines on your screen.
  5. Double-check your photo if it’s clear and readable before clicking Continue. If not, click the Retake button.
  6. Wait for the application to scan and process your ID details.
  7. After that, prepare yourself to take a selfie. Also, don’t use the flash. Make sure your face is clear and visible.
  8. Position yourself in front of the camera and take a selfie.
  9. After taking a selfie, a notification will appear saying the photo was taken successfully.
  10. Wait for the application to process your selfie.
  11. Once your identification details are verified, click Continue.
  12. Now, you can use your OFW Pass, which will appear on the screen.
dmw mobile app ofw pass

Video: OFW Pass Tutorial Step-by-Step Guide | DMW App OEC Replacement | Paano Mag Register at Mag Log-in

For more details on the OFW Pass, please watch the video below:

OFWs should download and register at the DMW Mobile App to access the OFW Pass. To log in, OFWs should use the email address and password they used to register on the DMW Mobile App. Upon clicking the Log in button, the app will ask if it’s your first time to log in since it needs to pair with your recent mobile number for two-step authentication. Enter the OTP and click Submit. Next, agree to the data privacy policy. Submit your passport, ID, and selfie for verification.

Then, your OFW Pass will appear once verified. It contains the OFW’s full name, birthdate, passport number, and contract expiration, if available. If there’s a note saying contract not found, it means the user hasn’t uploaded their contract yet. Also, uploading the contract is essential since the validity of the OFW Pass depends on the contract’s validity. Thus, OFWs who did not upload their employment contract on the OFW Pass cannot leave the country.

Below the worker’s photo, it has the OFW ERN, which will be their lifetime number. Even if they go back and forth abroad and change their employers or contracts, the OFW ERN will remain the same. When transacting with DMW, they will always ask for the OFW ERN. Once the MWO has verified the contract, the OFW Pass will immediately become valid.

It can be shown to immigration officers and other government agencies, so they scan the QR code, which contains vital information about the OFW. But note that the OFW Pass is not just an exit clearance since it’s only the first phase. In the future, it will integrate with e-Gov or the centralized apps of the government. Thus, the OFW Pass will benefit OFWs in the future, ensuring a smooth process for accessing government agencies.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my OFW Pass?

To get the OFW Pass, you should download the DMW Mobile App. Register or log in to your account. Submit the requirements and complete the verification process to generate and obtain an OFW Pass.

How is the OFW Pass different from the OEC?

The OFW Pass and OEC serve as an exit clearance for Filipinos leaving the Philippines to work abroad. However, the OFW Pass is an improved version, serving as OFW’s digital identity. It’s free, more convenient to secure, and valid longer than the OEC since it remains valid until the OFWs employment contract is not expired.

Can I still use OEC even though there’s an OFW Pass?

Yes, you can still use your OEC for the time being. However, the government plans to completely transition to the OFW Pass for long-term use since it’s more beneficial for OFWs. Meanwhile, the OEC is still valid for only two months after the launch of the OFW Pass. Therefore, OFWs should follow the transition, whether they like it or not, since OFW Pass will replace OEC.

what is ofw pass


In summary, the launch of the OFW Pass via the DMW Mobile App will provide more benefits and a smooth experience for OFWs. This new system will eliminate the need for OFWs to apply on-site for OEC, and the long validity period of the OFW Pass makes it more hassle-free. With the traditional OEC, OFWs should pay a processing fee for a short validity period of 60 days.

Therefore, OFWs can enjoy their vacation in the Philippines without worrying about applying for OEC or if their exit clearance has expired before their flight back to their job site. Most o all, the OFW Pass will have more features in the long run that will greatly benefit OFWs. So OFWs should make haste in familiarizing themselves with this new digital identification.

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