Free OEC: No More Fees when Getting Overseas Employment Certificate

The Department of Migrant Workers (DMW) has recently launched a mobile app to streamline the processing of documents for overseas Filipino workers (OFWs). The OFW Pass is a QR code-based system which will replace the traditional Overseas Employment Certificates (OEC).

Undersecretary Hans Cacdac of DMW said the agency has requested the Department of Finance to allow them to make the issuance of OECs free. The app requires basic information and uploaded photos of passport and visa documents which will be cross-referenced with DMW’s database for verification. Once verified, it generates a QR code that is recognized by immigration authorities during checks at airports.

The app allows OFWs to apply and receive their Overseas Employment Certification without any additional fees. This announcement was made during a news forum in Quezon City on Saturday by Undersecretary Hans Cacdac.

oec issuance is now free

Efforts to Make OFW Documentation Easier and More Efficient

Undersecretary Cacdac revealed that the agency had obtained permission from the Department of Finance (DOF) to make the issuance of the OEC cost-free. In addition, he discussed the features of the mobile application designed to make it easier and more efficient for OFWs to secure their documents prior to departing from the Philippines.

These include: “documenting an OFW for immigration authorities; allowing them to obtain their necessary documents in a shorter amount of time; and providing them with an expeditious, effective, and accurate process so they can spend more time with their families” said Cacdac.

QR Code-Based System Replaces Traditional OEC

The DMW mobile app utilizes a QR code-based system called ‘OFW Pass’ as a replacement for traditional OEC identity documentation. To generate an OFW Pass, basic information as well as passport and visa photos must be uploaded into the application which will then be cross-referenced with DMW’s database. Once verified, it will generate a QR code that is recognized by immigration authorities at airports upon checkup.

Pilot Run Before Full Blown Launch

It is estimated that seven million Filipinos would be able to benefit from this initiative once it launches in full swing. For now, however, it is still undergoing its pilot run with no exact date yet set for its official launch. It may take some days or even weeks before they announce when it will go into full implementation according to Cacdac.

Developed Entirely In-House with Technical Support Available 24/7

Cacdac also mentioned that this online system was developed entirely in house by DMW’s Information and Communications Technology group. Moreover, technical support is accessible 24/7 through links provided within the application in case there are any issues when using it.


In conclusion, this is welcome news to the millions of OFWs who will benefit from the Department of Migrant Worker’s (DMW) mobile app. This application streamlines the documentation process for legitimate OFWs, allowing them to generate a QR code-based ‘OFW Pass’ as their Overseas Employment Certification without additional cost. It is still on its pilot run but DMW estimates full launch will take place in a few days or weeks and technical support will be available 24/7 in case there are any issues.

This innovation exemplifies how technology can make life easier and more efficient for both Filipino citizens abroad and those about to embark on an overseas journey. The new mobile app serves as a testament to Philippine government’s commitment towards providing better services to the OFWs.

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