Guide to Getting an OEC Appointment Online for OFWs

Before Overseas Filipino Workers leave the country after a short vacation in the Philippines, they must present their Overseas Employment Certificate to the immigration officer at the airport. Therefore, securing an OEC for OFWs is a must and the process should not be taken lightly, especially for aspiring OFWs and first-timers.

One important step when getting an OEC online is to schedule an appointment prior to visiting. A good thing about OEC appointments is that you can now set them online without leaving your house. However, you need to prepare some essential requirements and make sure to meet the qualifications before setting an appointment.

OEC appointment procedure for ofws

What is an Overseas Employment Certificate?

An Overseas Employment Certificate is an exit clearance for OFWs that validates their identity. It verifies Filipino migrant workers and shows they are legally documented before leaving the country to work abroad. This document also gives you some benefits and privileges as an OFW that you can use during your departure schedule.

In the Philippines, an OEC can be obtained through the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration which is now called the Department of Migrant Workers. On the other hand, if you’re already abroad, you can get it from the nearest Philippine Overseas Labor Office in your host country. It’s important to contact the nearest POLO office to acquire this document.

Benefits of Getting an OEC Appointment Online

Obtaining an OEC for OFWs comes with a few benefits that you can use when leaving the country. At the airport, you will be asked to present your OEC at the immigration. This document will exempt you from paying the terminal fee and travel tax. So make sure you know these privileges once you’ve acquired your OEC.

In case you don’t know, you may also be exempted from getting an OEC if you meet the qualifications. For returning OFWs who will be working with the same employer and job site, given they have existing records with the DMW, they can get their OECs online. Better yet, they can apply for an OEC exemption which means they don’t need to set an OEC appointment online.

Requirements for Online OEC Appointments

Before getting an OEC appointment online, make sure you are qualified. According to the qualifications, you can only book for an online appointment and get an OEC on-site if you are returning to a different employer and job site, and you don’t have a work permit or visa and BM Online or POPS-BaM record.

If you are qualified, you can book your appointment through the POPS-BaM portal. If you need the exact details on this, you can reach out to the nearest POLO or Philippine Embassy in the country where you are employed.

Here’s a list of the requirements you need to secure before getting an OEC appointment online:

  • A printed copy of the POPS-BaM Appointment Form
  • Valid passport and work visa
  • Valid employment contract issued by the Philippine Embassy, Consulate, or POLO
  • Business Registration Certificate of the employer, or their National Identification Card
  • Sworn statement about how the OFW got hired or a description of the employment process
  • Letter verifying the job relocation for OFWs returning to the same employer but a different job site
  • Sworn statement for the employment process for OFWs changing their employer and doesn’t have existing records with the DMW or POEA
  • Company ID, latest payslip, or COE for OFWs returning to the same overseas employer

How to Get an OEC Appointment Online

You can get an OEC appointment online through the POEA Online Processing System for Balik Manggagawa or POPS-BaM portal. Here are the steps for getting an OEC appointment online through the POPS-BaM portal:

Step 1: Go to the Department of Migrant Workers Online Services or POPS-BaM portal through this link:

Click on the Let’s Go button and log in to your account by typing in your email address or username and password. You can click Register if you don’t have an e-registration account yet.

Step 2: Complete the required information under the My Profile page with your personal details, beneficiaries, and identifications. Review the details and make sure they are all correct and accurate.

Step 3: Upload your profile photo and passport on the dashboard. Make sure the picture is passport-size and not blurred. The file size must be 2 MB JPG/JPEG or less than that. When uploading your passport, make sure the first page is clear and readable based on the image specifications.

Step 4: Click on the Balik Manggagawa button under the My Links category. Complete the required details and then tap on the Balik Manggagawa button. You can click Next and proceed to the next page once the Initial Assessment is in green color.

Step 5: Enter your flight details including the date and time. Before clicking Next, make sure to check the reminders for additional information.

Step 6: If you are not qualified to obtain an exit clearance online, choose from the Transaction Type options that apply to you. After providing your contract information, click Submit to proceed.

Step 7: Choose your location for OEC processing, then click Next. Before proceeding to the next, make sure you have read the reminders to ensure you will have a smooth processing experience on your appointment day.

Step 8: Select your appointment time and date based on the slots available on the scheduler. Book your appointment by clicking Select beside the time and date. If you want to change the date, you can simply click on the arrows. Keep in mind that there’s no available schedule on weekends. The time and date you choose should be convenient for you. If not, you will need to set another appointment to get your OEC.

Step 9: Check all the details before printing your Appointment Sheet. You will need this document during your scheduled appointment to confirm your booking. If you see any incorrect detail, you can always cancel it and then repeat these steps in order to correct any errors.

While the BM Online is no longer available since June 2021, here are the steps you can follow if you haven’t transferred to a POPS-BaM account yet:

  • Transfer your BM Online information to the new POPS-BaM portal to schedule an OEC appointment online.
  • When updating your POPS-BaM record, you will have to wait 24 hours for it to complete.
  • After 24 hours, your account from BM Online should sync with your POPS-BaM record. If not, submit a ticket to the POEA Help Desk for assistance.

Video: How to Register for OEC Online Appointment

In this video, you will learn how to register online in order to get an OEC appointment through your mobile device. Just follow all the steps and tips provided in this video to successfully book an online appointment and get your OEC before your scheduled departure date. Remember that there are qualifications and requirements to meet if you want to get an OEC which are all discussed in the video so watch until the end.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to get an OEC appointment online?

Register via this link and log in to your POPS-BaM account. Enter your personal details including your passport information, beneficiaries, and profile photo. Click on the Next button and go to Balik Manggagawa to enter your flight details. Select your preferred processing location and appointment time and date. Don’t forget to print your Appointment Sheet to present during your appointment.

2. Is it possible to process my OEC at the airport before departure?

Yes, returning OFWs can process their OECs at the airport prior to departure. However, this is only applicable to those with special or emergency leave valid within seven days before the departure date. You may also get your OEC at the airport in case you have an expired visa in the last seven days.

3. Can non-OWWA members still obtain an OEC or set an appointment online?

As per regulations, OFWs without an OWWA membership cannot get an Overseas Employment Certificate. You have to be an active OWWA member in order to process your OEC with the POEA or DMW.

4. Is a verified employment contract required to get an OEC online?

Yes, you need to present a verified employment contract in order to apply for an OEC because it’s one of the requirements.

5. How much does it cost to get an OEC?

Getting an Overseas Employment Certificate for Overseas Filipino Workers is free of charge.


So you are now knowledgeable on how to get an OEC appointment online through the POPS-BaM portal. It’s easier than you think when you know what steps to take in order to obtain an OEC or apply for an OEC exemption if you meet the qualifications. There are some benefits you can enjoy when you obtain an OEC before leaving the Philippines to work abroad.

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