What is POPS-BaM Portal and How to Register Online

The joy of being able to come home to your family in the Philippines is just one of the best feelings for Overseas Filipino Workers. However, there are some important things that OFWs should also consider when returning to the country. For instance, they need to make sure that they have a POPS-BaM account in order to process their exit clearance before leaving the country again,

Gone are the days when OFWs need to endure a long, tedious process when applying for documents and other requirements such as the Overseas Employment Certificate. Now, they can just make use of an online portal to obtain these documentary requirements. But how do you register in the new POPS-BaM Portal?

popsbam portal for ofws online services registration

What is POPS-BaM Online System?

The new POEA Online Processing System for Balik-Manggagawa or POPS-BaM is an all-improved online portal that is designed to facilitate returning OFWs in processing their exit clearances. It was meant to replace the Balik Manggagawa Online System, the old portal which became outdated in June 2021. The new platform has been crucial in acquiring OEC which is a pre-departure requirement for OFWs.

POPS-BaM is a more secure and reliable system when it comes to providing quick access to OFW requirements including affidavits, employment certificates, and other required forms. Whether you’re applying for a new job abroad or returning to the same employer, you need an OEC in order to legally work overseas.

Benefits of POPS-BaM Registration

The main benefit of the new POPS-BaM online portal is that it allows users to quickly access their information using their mobile devices anytime they want. Returning OFWs who want to take a vacation in the Philippines can easily process their documents before going back to their employer. This means you have more time to spend with your loved ones while maximizing your holiday experience.

Moreover, you don’t need to go to the DMW office here in the Philippines or the Philippine Overseas Labor Office in your host country to apply for an exit clearance or an OEC exemption if you’re qualified. With POPS-BaM, you can easily schedule an OEC appointment in just a few clicks or access your information when needed.

Here are other benefits of using the new POPS-BaM portal:

  • Get an OEC right in the comfort of your couch.
  • Print and reprint your OEC or exemption certificate if you lose the original copy.
  • Access the online system 24/7.
  • Apply for an OEC exemption through the online portal for qualified OFWs.
  • Schedule an appointment online with any POLO, DMW, or POEA offices.
  • Create a profile on the portal with your credentials, work experience, background, and other personal details.
  • Upcoming job fair and other similar events hosted by POPS-BaM.
  • Submit applications for overseas employment through the system.
  • Request for principal registration, apply for agency licenses and pay for the processing fees online.
  • Verify transaction status, get updates on job vacancies, and create tickets to DMW Help Desk for questions and other concerns.

Requirements for POPS-BaM Registration

In order to use the POPS-BaM online system, make sure you have these requirements:

  • Valid passport and work visa
  • Active email address
  • Current employment contract
  • Profile with personal information
  • Active POPS-BaM account

All Filipino migrant workers and OFWs can use the new POPS-BaM online portal to process their papers and applications. Some common uses of the online portal include OEC appointment, OEC acquisition, application for OEC exemption, and creation of an e-registration account.

How to Register a POPS-BaM Account

You can register for a POPS-BaM account if you’re an OFW who changed your job site and employer, doesn’t have an existing record on the POPS-BaM or BM Online system, doesn’t have valid work permit or visa, and are directly employed by an overseas employer, an agency, or the Government Placement Branch of the POEA.

To register, just follow the steps below to create an account via the POPS-BaM online portal:

Step 1: Go to this link: https://onlineservices.dmw.gov.ph/OnlineServices/POEAOnline.aspx and then click on the Let’s Go button.

Step 2: You will see a pop-up box on your screen, click on the Register button.

Step 3: Accept the Terms of Use and Privacy Statement after reading it carefully.

Step 4: Complete the online form with your personal information including name, email address, gender, and date of birth. Check all the details if they are correct, then click on the Register button.

Step 5: On the dialogue box, confirm that your personal details are accurate by clicking on the Yes button.

Step 6: A notification will pop up that says your e-registration is successful. Make sure to copy your reference number and then save it for later.

Step 7: An email will be sent to you including your temporary password.

Step 8: Use your temporary password and nominated email or username to log into your new account. Once you’re logged in, change the password and finish the e-registration process.

To change your temporary password, log in to your account for the first time and change the password. Just go to the Online Services Portal of the DMW website. Click on the e-registration and then tap Let’s Go. A pop-up box will appear on the screen, type in your email address and the temporary password. After that, create your new password.


In this video, you will learn about the key highlights of the new POPS-BaM online system for OFWs. It includes all the information you need such as how the new system works, its requirements, and how to register a new account for first-time users.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some of the most common questions that users ask about the new POPS-BaM online portal for OFWs:

1. How is the POPS-BaM system different from the old BM Online?

The Balik Manggagawa Online System or BM Online System is the old version of the POEA Online Processing System for Balik MangGagawa or POPS-BaM. The new online portal functions the same as BM Online, only that it is more reliable and secure in terms of document processing for OFWs.

2. Should I register for the new POPS-BaM portal?

Yes, OFWs are required to register for a new account with the POPS-BaM online portal. The government mandates all OFWs to provide their details through the DMW e-registration website for legalities and tracking purposes. By documenting OFWs, it’s easier for the government to verify their identities when leaving or returning to the Philippines.

3. What are the main uses of the new POPS-BaM online portal for OFWs?

Some of the most common uses of the POPS-BaM portal include scheduling OEC appointments, applying for OEC exemption, and acquiring OECs for OFWs. Aspiring OFWs can also use the online portal to find jobs, get updates on job fairs, and look for career opportunities.

4. Can I still obtain an Overseas Employment Certificate through the old BM Online portal?

No, you can no longer use the old BM Online system in order to get an OEC or exit clearance because it has been obsolete since June 2021. It was replaced by POPS-BaM, which should now be used by OFWs to process their documents and schedule appointments.

5. How do I transfer my account information from BM Online to the POPS-BaM portal?

Go to the DMW Online Services page and then create an account via the POPS-BaM system. Submit a ticket to the Help Desk if you need help obtaining and completing the form. Find your record in BM Online and then transfer it to the news POPS-BaM portal.

6. What if I enter the wrong information and didn’t get an email for the temporary password?

In case you entered an incorrect detail while registering for a POPS-BaM account, you should submit a ticket to the DMW Help Desk citing your concern. Also, you should do the same if you haven’t received the email with your temporary password to log in for the first time. It’s important that you should not create another account if this happens because it will only lead to more issues in the future.


Now that you know what POPS-BaM exactly means and how to register an account via this new online platform, you can process your OEC application, set an appointment online, or apply for an exemption if you meet the qualifications. By following the steps provided in this guide, you can enjoy a hassle-free experience in processing your documents online.

With a more secure and easier-to-access online portal, OFWs can quickly process their requirements no matter where they are in the world. Moreover, you can also use the portal to find job openings abroad and attend job fairs through announcements within the portal. The convenience this new system offers is a huge help for OFWs and Filipino migrant workers who need to acquire an exit clearance and other important papers.

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