How to Register in DMW Mobile App

The Department of Migrant Workers has been looking for better ways to create a more convenient and seamless experience for Overseas Filipino Workers. The government agency is working on improving OFW procedures including the issuance of exit clearance, OFW Pass, and other recruitment certificates needed for employment abroad.

The agency continues to protect the welfare of OFWs while improving the services for them. One of the significant innovations that these government agencies have recently come up with is the DMW Mobile App. It’s designed to speed up transactional processes for OFWs, completely moving from face-to-face interaction to digital operations.

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What is the DMW Mobile App?

The DMW Mobile App is an online platform that is created to digitalize OFW transactions such as obtaining the OFW Pass and other documentary requirements. With the new mobile app, it’s easier to process OFW documents without the need to visit the nearest OWWA or DMW office. In just a few clicks, you can access your information and documents no matter where you are.

With the recent health crisis that shook the world, it limited the day-to-day transactions at some point across different agencies. It challenged OWWA to embrace the convenience of building a platform where OFWs can still transact without leaving their homes. And this is where the DMW Mobile App comes in, you can create an account, register, and enjoy all the features and services offered in the platform.

Who Can Use It?

The DMW Mobile App is basically designed for Overseas Filipino Workers who need to apply for identification documents and other prerequisites. This innovative mobile platform offers essential services that OFWs need to enhance their journey abroad. If you need to secure an OFW Pass or other documents, you can use the app to obtain them online.

Active contract-holding Filipino migrant workers who need to obtain an Exit Clearance can efficiently use the app. More importantly, you don’t need to pay for anything in order to take advantage of this mobile app. Instead of getting an OEC, you can use it to acquire the new OFW Pass from the DMW Mobile App for tamper-proof identification.

Features and Benefits of the DMW Mobile App

The DMW Mobile App provides OFWs with a verifiable identification to make things easier on their end. One of the main features is the digital identity that you can create through the app to facilitate interactions with government agencies, service providers, and overseas employers. As a result, it streamlines various processes while making sure that OFWs enjoy hassle-free interactions.

The following are the main features of the new DMW Mobile App:

  • Create your own E-registration account.
  • Serves as a secure repository for important information including photos, employment contracts, and passport details.
  • Obtain an Overseas Employment Contract online.
  • Process and verify identification and eligibility on the app.

As a timely response to a lot of difficulties experienced by OFWs when acquiring an OEC or other related documents, the DMW Mobile App provides these benefits to users:

  • Makes everything more convenient such as creating, managing, and keeping up to date with OFW processes.
  • Easily process, manage, or verify identification as well as eligibility for registration, payment, and application.
  • Automatically fill up registration details including e-registration number and name to speed up the process.
  • Renew or obtain an OEC without visiting the OWWA or DMW office.
  • Get an OEC together with OFW documents and overseas deployment.
  • Have access to essential documents such as employment contracts and passport information online.
  • 24/7 accessibility to the help desk and contact information of each consulate and embassy in the country of employment.

Services Available in the DMW Mobile App

When it comes to OFW services, the DMW Mobile App is focused on providing quick access to online information and features that users need. The following services are made available to every OFW through the comprehensive mobile app:

  • Make sure that the services requested by OFWs are provided to them through the assistance of DMW and OWWA.
  • Retrieve information about the previous employment of OFWs through the DMW Online Processing Systems’ API as an essential part of its evaluation process.
  • Provide a wide range of services and features that help expedite and streamline OFW registration.
  • Perform internal tasks including the identification of operational and system issues that are necessary in delivering services.
  • Provide data analysis while producing deployment reports along with other crucial statistical data.
  • Collect, store, use, and share OFW data with their legal authorization.
  • Gather location data even when it’s closed in order to allow real-time tracking during emergencies or distress.
  • Reach out to the nearest Philippine Migrant Workers’ Office in the OFW’s host country during emergencies to offer them immediate assistance.
  • Investigate and respond to questions about the new DMW Mobile App.
  • Answer queries, feedback, and remarks via the built-in Help Desk.

How to Register in the DMW Mobile App

If you have a DMW Mobile App account, you can proceed to the login process by providing your email address and nominated password. On the other hand, you can simply follow these steps to register an account:

Step 1: Tap on the Sign Up Here button to register an account.

Step 2: Complete the form with your personal details.

Step 3: Click on the Register button to proceed. Don’t forget to save your registration number for future reference.

Step 4: After you have successfully registered, the reference number will pop up on your screen.

Step 5: For your temporary password, wait for the confirmation email. Make sure to nominate an active email address to get your password.

Step 6: Now, log into your account using your email address and temporary password.

Step 7: Once you’re logged in to your account, notice the color of the QR Code box. If it’s red, there are still documents you need to provide. If it’s green, that means your OEC is ready and available.

Step 8: Complete the required information and make sure they are accurate and true. Once the required fields are completed, you can now explore and use the app.

Where to Download

Now, how do you download the DMW Mobile App? Just like other mobile apps, you can easily download the DMW app via the Google Play Store. Just follow these steps to download and install the app on your mobile device.

1. Go to to download the app on your Android phone. If you’re using an iPhone, go to this link

2. Create your account or log into the e-registration section to use the application.

Video: How to Use OFW Pass | Paano Gamitin ang DMW Mobile App

This video will teach you how to download, install, register, and use the DMW Mobile App through a step-by-step guide. It also includes the basic steps on how to get an OFW Pass using the mobile app. There are other helpful tips to navigate through this app, especially for new users.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who can register and use the DMW Mobile App?

The DMW Mobile App is exclusively created for Overseas Filipino Workers who must apply and obtain OEC, OFW Pass, and other documentary requirements.

2. Where to download the DMW Mobile App?

Android phone users can download the DMW Mobile App via Google Play Store, while iPhone users can get the app from the Apple Store

3. If I have a registered DMW website account, do I still need to register in the DMW Mobile App?

No, you don’t need to create another account. You can access the mobile app by using your registered email address and password, the same login details on the website.

4. What if I forgot my password, how can I access the DMW Mobile App again?

You can still access your DMW Mobile App even if you’ve forgotten your password by simply clicking on the Forgot Password button. Type in the email address or phone number you used to register with your account. Wait for the email that will be sent to you and then click on the confirmation link to reset your password and log in again to your DMW account.

5. What if I don’t receive the confirmation email after registering an account?

It’s important to submit a ticket via the Online Helpdesk if you have concerns regarding your DMW Mobile App account registration. Also, don’t create another account in case you registered an account incorrectly or didn’t receive the confirmation message.


With this information about the DMW Mobile App, its benefits, features, registration process, and frequently asked questions, OFWs can benefit more from the comprehensive digital platform that OWWA and DMW have recently launched. Registering an account is easy, just follow the steps provided and start exploring the app for OFW Pass application and other processes.

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