How to Process Contract Verification for OFWs Abroad

One of the requirements for Overseas Filipino Workers with new employers abroad is to verify their contracts before leaving the country. This involves verifying the validity of their job to ensure they are with a legal employer. The contract verification process may update its guidelines from time to time so make sure to stay updated.

By familiarizing yourself with the verification process, you will know what to submit, whether you qualify, and where to verify your employment. Contracts are usually verified by the Department of Migrant Workers, Embassy, or Philippine Overseas Labor Office (now called Migrant Workers Office) in the host country. The purpose is to protect OFWs from illegal recruitment and make sure they get the benefits they deserve.

employment contract verification for ofw

What Is Contract Verification for OFWs?

Contract verification for OFWs is the process of verifying overseas employment contracts conducted by the Labor Attache. This is to ensure that all Filipino migrant workers have undergone legal recruitment and that they get a valid job abroad. Verified employment contracts protect the welfare and rights of every OFW working abroad.

Contracts are also verified to ensure they meet the minimum requirements of the POEA and the country where the OFW will be working. This is an important process because it is required when you obtain an Overseas Employment Certificate or exit clearance in the future. By meeting these requirements, you can enjoy all the benefits and entitlements according to your job agreement.

Benefits of a Verified OFW Contract

One of the main benefits of getting your contract verified by the designated POLO or DMW office is that you become entitled to all the benefits and privileges indicated in your employment contract abroad. A verified contract is also your ticket to getting an OEC in case you return to the Philippines for a short vacation and then leave to work again.

Requirements for Contract Verification

Before you prepare your requirements for contract verification, it’s important to meet the qualifications first. Here’s a list of the minimum qualifications you need to meet in order to verify your contract and obtain an OEC:

  • Documented OFW with POEA records.
  • POEA-registered OFW who changed job site.
  • Authorized Filipino with employment visa.

The requirements for contract verification vary depending on the purpose of the OFW processing it. For instance, you need these requirements if you change your employer abroad:

  • Two copies of the Standard Employment Contract
  • One copy of the employer’s Identification Card or company ID with contact details
  • One photocopy and one original copy of a valid passport
  • One copy of OFW ID with contact information
  • Printed copy of Employment E-Visa

Representatives must accomplish the OWWA OFW Form.

For those who do not have existing POEA records or have changed their employers, contract verification must be processed on-site. Here are the requirements you need to submit:

  • One copy of a valid passport
  • One copy of the company ID
  • One copy of a valid work visa
  • One original copy and two photocopies of the Employment Certificate
  • One copy of the company profile or business registration
  • One original copy and two photocopies of the Employment Contract
  • Employment documentation

For contract renewal, the following requirements must be submitted:

  • One copy of the employer’s ID with contact information
  • Two copies of the Standard Employment Contract
  • One copy of valid OFW ID with contact details
  • One original copy and one photocopy of a valid passport
  • Printed copy of Employment E-Visa

Representatives must complete the OWWA OFW Form.

How to Verify an OFW Contract

The contract verification process can be done via the Department of Migrant Workers or the POLO office in the host country of the OFW. It’s important to know the process so that you can prepare all the requirements in advance and enjoy a hassle-free processing experience. Here are the steps when verifying an OFW contract via DMW:

Step 1: Go to the DMW office near you and schedule an appointment using their website. You may also email them to book your appointment. Always make sure to have a confirmed appointment to secure your visit.

Step 2: Submit the documentary requirements to the DMW office and have them check the documents.

Step 3: Pay the verification fee and then follow further instructions if there’s any.

Step 4: Wait for three business days to get your verified contract.

Another way to verify OFW contracts is through the POLO office in the host country. You can reach out to the Philippine Embassy or Consulate assigned in your employer’s country. The POLO checks the contract to make sure OFWs are properly documented. Below are the steps to follow when verifying your contract via POLO:

Step 1: Schedule an appointment using the official POLO website or email them directly.

Step 2: Visit the POLO office on your job site and submit the required documents.

Step 3: Pay the verification fee and check for other instructions.

Step 4: Settle the membership contribution for OWWA memberships that are about to expire or have already expired:

Step 5: Wait for three business days to get your verified contract from POLO.

If you’re a skilled or professional worker abroad, the verification process is done through the following steps:

Step 1: Contact the nearest POLO office in your area or send them an email to schedule your visit.

Step 2: Send the documentary requirements and complete the form.

Step 3: Wait for the verified contract to be released, then pay for the verification fee.

An OFW who has a verified employment contract is a legal worker that meets the qualifications and requirements to work abroad. In addition, contract verification is required when getting an OEC or exit clearance for OFWs. If you’re here in the Philippines, visit the POEA office to verify your contract. On the other hand, if you’re already working abroad, you can verify your employment contract with the designated DMW or POLO office.

Video: New Requirements for Contract Verification 2023

In this video, you will learn about the latest updates on the requirements for contract verification. The Migrant Workers Office in the Northern Emirates and Dubai have recently announced a new checklist of documentary requirements for OFWs who want to verify their employment contracts abroad. Additionally, the video also contains other helpful tips to expedite the process of verifying your job contract regardless of where you are in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get to know more about the process of contract verification for OFWs with these frequently asked questions:

1. Why do I need to verify my employment contract abroad?

The main purpose of verifying employment contracts for OFWs is to ensure they enjoy all the benefits, job rights, and welfare while working and living abroad. The Philippine Overseas Labor Office is the one that verifies OFW contracts and guarantees every Filipino migrant worker is protected in their job site.

2. What are the benefits of verifying my employment contract?

With a verified employment contract, you are entitled to all the benefits and privileges that are indicated in your job agreement. Also, verifying your employment contract ensures that your employer complies with labor laws, norms, and practices in your host country.

3. Are the POEA and DMW the same government agencies?

No, the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration was the former government agency that facilitates employment for OFWs, protects their welfare, and ensures they are in the right hands before leaving the country to work abroad. From POEA, it was changed to the Department of Migrant Workers although they have the same duties and responsibilities when it comes to overseas employment for Filipinos.

4. What if I don’t verify my contract, can I still obtain an OEC?

One of the requirements when acquiring an OEC or exit clearance is the verified employment contract. POLO and DMW are the ones that process contract verification for Overseas Filipino Workers around the world.

5. How long before my verified employment contract is released?

It usually takes up to three business days to get your verified contract. Sometimes it takes longer depending on the DMW or POLO office. Make sure to settle the verification fee and provide all the requirements in order to verify your employment contract successfully. Wait for the notification once your verified contract is ready for pick-up.


Now that you know how to process contract verification for OFWs, it’s easier to get your contract verified with the POLO or DMW office near you. It’s easier to prepare the documentary requirements as well as meet the qualifications to get your contract verified. Remember that requirements may vary depending on the purpose and location of contract verification processing.

The most important step is to schedule an appointment and then visit the nearest POLO or DMW office in your area. Don’t hesitate to contact the DMW office if you have questions or other concerns regarding your contract verification. The goal is to understand how the process works in order to expedite the whole process.

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