What is Pag-IBIG – Home Development Mutual Fund

Commonly known as Pag-IBIG, the Home Development Mutual Fund is a corporation owned and run by the Philippine government, providing Filipino workers with savings, housing loans, and other services. With Pag-IBIG, many Filipinos turn their dreams of owning a home into reality since it doesn’t require a down payment and offers longer payment durations of up to 30 years. If you want to learn more about their programs and services, read on as we share everything about Pag-IBIG or Home Development Mutual Fund.

Founded in 1978, Pag-IBIG Fund aims to help Filipinos achieve their dream homes. It also provides various benefits, like maternity leave assistance and disability and death insurance. Furthermore, Pag-IBIG started providing SME financing and loans to small businesses. As the biggest housing loan provider in the country, Pag-IBIG Fund offers longer payment terms and the lowest interest rates than most banks to help its members with home ownership.

pag-ibig home mutual development fund

What is Pag-IBIG?

Pag-IBIG is a government-owned and operated agency managing the national savings program and affordable housing loans for Filipinos. Also known as the Home Development Mutual Fund, Pag-IBIG Fund stands for Pagtutulungan sa Kinabukasan: Ikaw, Bangko, Industriya, at Gobyerno. Apart from house financing, Pag-IBIG provides various programs and services, including provident savings, calamity loans, and multi-purpose loans.


In 1979, the National Home Mortgage Finance Company (NHMFC) managed Pag-IBIG to encourage Filipinos to save. Established under Presidential Decree No 1530, Pag-IBIG was wherein former President Ferdinand Marcos believed the country and its people’s two essential needs are a national savings program and housing loans Filipinos can afford. As per the law, the Social Security System (SSS) will handle the funds of private employees, and the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) will manage the savings of government workers.

List of Pag-IBIG Programs

Housing Loans

The most popular program from Pag-IBIG is housing loans, providing affordable house financing to its members. It offers low-interest rates, as low as 4.5% (for a P450,000-loan), and payment systems of up to 30 years. Also, eligible members can borrow up to P6,000,000.

Overseas Pag-IBIG Members Services Desk

To provide Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) with beneficial programs, Pag-IBIG Fund has set up overseas services desks worldwide in Philippine Embassies and Consulates and Migrant Workers Office (MWO). Currently, Pag-IBIG has 23 overseas posts in operation, providing OFWs with membership registration and simplifying remittances of savings.

Pag-IBIG Death Benefits

Under this benefit, legal beneficiaries or heirs of deceased Pag-IBIG members can get death benefits if the member didn’t claim their savings when they were still alive. However, Pag-IBIG doesn’t provide burial or funeral benefits.

Pag-IBIG Fund Loyalty Card

It’s a Pag-IBIG Transaction Card, a primary requirement and valid ID when applying for Provident Benefits Claim, Housing Loan (HL), or Multi-Purpose Loan (MPL). It contains the member’s information, including a photo, signature, Pag-IBIG Fund Membership ID (MID), and biometrics, facilitating secure transactions. Moreover, this card offers discounts on medicine, travel, university fees, cosmetics, wellness services, and reward perks on gasoline and groceries thru the agency’s partner institutions.


Launched in 2010, Pag-IBIG MPII or MP2 is an alternative savings program from the government, offering a tax-free annual dividend based on the fund’s yearly performance. It has a minimum capital of P500 for a five (5) year term and doesn’t have a maximum capital ceiling.

Pag-IBIG Mortgage Redemption Insurance

The Pag-IBIG Mortgage Redemption Insurance is essential for members who applied for Pag-IBIG housing loans (MRI). In case of the member suffers from critical illness or death, they can protect their mortgage with this insurance, given they paid the MRI premiums.

Provident Savings

The Pag-IBIG Fund membership contributions function as personal savings and are withdrawable once it matures. The payments made by the members and their employers will earn dividends once it reaches maturity, which is 240 months of the total contribution for at least 45 years old. Thus, the members can withdraw the Total Accumulated Value (contributions and dividends).

Short Term Loan

Like GSIS and SSS, Pag-IBIG Fund provides monetary assistance to eligible members by granting them Short Term Loans. Under this program, eligible Pag-IBIG members can apply for these two loans:

Calamity Loan

The Calamity Loan is for members affected by natural disasters, like floods, typhoons, tropical cyclones, fires, volcanic eruptions, and other similar incidents. Eligible members can borrow up to 80% of their Total Accumulated Value (TAV), subject to the rules and limitations of the program. It offers a 24-month amortization duration with a 3-month grace period.

Multi-Purpose Loan (MPL)

The Multi-Purpose Loan (MPL) is a flexible program that can help Pag-IBIG members with health, livelihood, educational fees, house repairs, home improvement/enhancements, and other needs. To qualify for MPL, the member should have at least 24-month investment or equivalent savings and at least one (1) contribution in the past six (6) months before loan application.

List of Pag-IBIG Online Services

Housing Online Services

  • Application for Housing Loan Interest Re-pricing – this service is for members with existing Housing Loans where they can complete and submit their application for Re-Pricing.
  • Developer’s Online Housing Loan Application – designed for accredited developers, this service is utilized to complete and submit Housing Loan applications of prospective buyers.
  • Housing Loan Online Application – this service is where members with Pag-IBIG Membership ID (MID) or Registration Tracking Number (RTN) can complete and submit their Housing Loan application online.
  • Housing Loan Payment Viewer – allows members with existing Housing Loan to asses their payments and check their balance. Also, borrowers can request Billing Statements thru email by signing up for Paperless Housing Loan Billing Services.

Membership Online Services

  • Employer Registration – enables employers to register and secure Pag-IBIG employer ID and update their details regularly.
  • Kasambahay Membership Registration – makes it easier for household employers to register their Kasambahay with Pag-IBIG, SSS, or PhilHealth.
  • Membership Registration – this service is where you can register with the Pag-IBIG Fund online and change your registration details.
  • OFW Member’s Contribution Verification – this service allows members to check their Fund savings status.

Other Online Services

  • Electronic Submission Remittance Schedule (eSRS) – makes it convenient for employers to submit their monthly remittance file to Pag-IBIG.
  • MP2 Savings Enrolment – designed for members who want to enroll in Pag-IBIG’s MP2 program.
  • Online Payment Facilities – enables members to pay their monthly savings thru Visa or MasterCard credit cards.

How to Become a Pag-IBIG Member


To become a Pag-IBIG member, you should meet any of the qualifications below:

Mandatory Membership

  • Employees of private companies who are not over 60 years old
  • Government employees
  • Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) – both land and sea-based workers
  • Self-employed professionals – such as entrepreneurs, freelancers, and other self-employed individuals not over 60 years old and with at least P1,000 monthly income
  • Kasambahays/Household workers – such as maids, cooks, gardeners, and drivers with at least P1,000 monthly income

Voluntary Membership

The membership Pag-IBIG offers is also open to Filipinos and foreign residents between 18 to 65 years old if they meet any of the qualifications below as voluntary members:

  • Non-working spouse – housewife/househusband who is married to Pag-IBIG members and managing the household full-time
  • Former Pag-IBIG members – no longer employed but receiving an allowance or earning passive income (like pensioners, investors, etc.)
  • Barangay officials and employees – not covered by GSIS, including barangay chairpersons, kagawads, and members of Sangguniang Kabataan
  • Expatriates – foreign nationals who are not over 60 years old, living and working in the Philippines
  • Students – at least 18 years old and has a part-time job
  • Unemployed Filipinos – fresh graduates from college and other Filipinos looking for jobs
  • Overseas Filipino immigrants
  • Filipino employees working at international organizations or foreign governments
  • Employees whose employer has a waiver suspending Pag-IBIG coverage
  • Leaders and members of religious groups
  • Members of cooperative and trade union

Also, note that the age limit for Pag-IBIG mandatory membership is 60, and 18 to 65 years old for voluntary members.

How to Register with Pag-IBIG Online

You can register online if you’re a new member and don’t have a Pag-IBIG Membership ID (MID) number. But if you previously registered online, you can’t register for Pag-IBIG membership again. You don’t have to worry about the registration process since your employer will handle it if employed by companies in the Philippines.

Meanwhile, if hired recently, you should provide your personal information to your company’s HR. So they can submit it to Pag-IBIG Fund and other relevant government agencies. To register with Pag-IBIG online, follow the steps below:

  1. Visit the Pag-IBIG Fund Online Membership Registration thru this link: https://www.pagibigfundservices.com/PubReg/NewReg_Page.aspx?88D64A1E7CDAFB6882DDFEB76443D811.
  2. Enter your complete name and date of birth.
  3. Type the Captcha code and click the Submit button.
  4. Next, fill out the required fields on the Pag-IBIG Membership Registration Form, including:
  5. Member Info
  6. Other Info
  7. Address
  8. Contacts
  9. Heirs
  10. Member Category
  11. Employment History
  12. Summary
  13. Review the details you’ve provided before clicking the Submit Registration button.
  14. Next, print the Member’s Data Form (MDF) by clicking the Print MDF button. It will be your proof of registration with Pag-IBIG, containing your tracking number (RTN).
  15. Wait two (2) working days to verify your Pag-IBIG number via SMS.
  16. To request a permanent Pag-IBIG MID number, type IDSTAT RTN BIRTHDAY (MM/DD/YYYY) (Ex. IDSTAT 812345678912 5/12/1993).
  17. Afterward, send the text message to 0917-888-4363 (for Globe and TM) and 0918-898-4363 (for Smart, TNT, and Sun).

Also, you can ask for your Pag-IBIG number by calling the Pag-IBIG hotline at 724-4244. Just provide your full name, date of birth, and registration tracking number (RTN).


Owning a home is a dream that not many cannot realize in this lifetime. But with Pag-IBIG Fund, Filipino low-income earners can receive affordable housing loans and national savings programs to help secure their future and family. It provides beneficial programs to its members, from calamity loans, maternity leave grants, retirement, disability, and death benefits. Therefore, every Filipino, whether employed or self-employed, is encouraged to join Pag-IBIG membership.

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